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Financing Options

Our Team here at Reliable Homes of Huntsville will be happy to provide you with lender information so that you can find the right financing for your new home! Please call or visit today!


Chattel Financing:  This simple, home-only financing program is the most popular. This type of loan is very similar to purchasing a vehicle, and you land is not is not tied into the loan. Down payments will depend on your credit score, employment history, etc. Terms vary by lender.

Land in Lieu:  Use your equity in your land as your down payment or in addition to your cash down payment. The appraised value of your property is used to determine your collateral. Land improvements (water well, septic, pad, etc.) are financeable with this type of loan. Terms vary by lender.

Land/Home:  This type of loan is for those who want to purchase a piece of property and finance it with their new home and land improvements. Down payments usually start at 5% of the total package (land + home + improvements). Terms vary by lender.

FHA Mortgages:  These loans are very similar to Land-in-Lieu or Land/Home but may be easier for some applicants to obtain, especially with limited credit history. Terms vary by lender.

Your Bank:  Your local bank may be able to help you finance your new home! Give them a call to see what they might be able to offer you!

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